We always keep aiming to the best way of customer satisfaction and to fulfill customer needs.

We have been building the strong and long-term relationship with our partner tool shops in Gwangju.

To serve the better service for management, we have started our own business.

We are able to serve below advantages to our customer and highly satisfaction and results.

1. Competitive and reasonable quotation.


2. Non-stop and unified management.

   - TSI supports process, simulation, design, manufacture, tryout, Q/C, and homeline support.

     So client can save time and cost for management.

Main partners

We are working with various tool shops which have strong and long-term relationship with us.


Our partners have various of experience such as moving parts, high strength parts, aluminum parts and build-up style tools.

They have experienced Europe, U.S.A, Japan projects and most of customers are satisfied with their tools.

​Also, they are experienced & skillful large to small size of transfer, tandem and progressive parts.

Plant 1. SDM
   - Main item: Casting die
2000톤 메카.png
2000ton 메카.png
CNC RB-4VM.png
1500ton 유압.png
1000톤 메카.png
1000ton 메카.png
DC-3ASM 스펙.png
MCV-AⅡ 4000.jpg
MCV-AⅡ 스펙.png
MCV-AⅡ 3000.jpg
MCV-AⅡ 스펙2.png
CNC NC8.jpg
MCV-AⅡ 스펙3.png
CMM 사진.gif
스캐너 사진.png
Plant 2. KC&P
   - Main item: Casting die
Mecha 800ton.png
Hydraulic 500ton.png
Diespotting 500ton.jpg
Die spotting 50ton.png
CNC Milling BM2740M.jpg
CNC Milling BM2740M.jpg
CNC BM2740M.png
CNC Milling Hi-Q2.jpg
CNC Hi-Q2.png
CNC Milling MC-125H.jpg
CNC MC-125H.png
CNC Milling V-750L.jpg
CNC V-750L.png
CNC Milling MB-7.jpg
CNC  MB-7.png
Plant 3. Jinseong Solution
   - Main item: Steel die
Plant 4. RH Innovation
   - Main item: Steel die
Plant 5. Misung
   - Main item: Checking Fixture
Plant 6. Tryout Center