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MOU with ME Werkzeug Service(ME)

(Homeline support in Europe)


Business Area


     TSI is working with various tool shops with a good partnership!

      - Business, Process and Design support!

        : With long term experience, TSI can support good service for Process and Design.

      - Reasonable quotation for the customers!

        : With various tool shop partners, TSI can get the best quotation for our customers.


▣ Project consulting and support in China


   1. Project consulting

      TSI can provide the consulting service for the tooling business from the getting business,

      management to save the cost and succeed the project as a consultant with various experiences.

      Tooling shop can find the way to save the cost and better quality with TSI’s consulting service.

      - Technical support

      - Business trip support : Design review & Home-line support

    2. Project support

      TSI also can support the P.M service in China. Good management with various experiences and

      technical support to the tooling shop can give more possibility to comply with time schedule and

      succeed the project for the customers and tooling shops.

      - Effective project control support

      - Process & Design control


▣ Advantage of working with TSI 

   1. Detail and exact information

      - Customers can get the detail and exact information, because TSI works as a PM who can

         inform the detail and exact status of project which the customers want.

   2. Complying with time schedule

      - TSI adjusts the project proceeding schedule with the tool shops so they can respect the

        schedule with technical support and good handling.

   3. Saving time & cost

      - Instead of the customers staying at the tool shop(in China, in Korea), TSI can stay at the tool

        shop and do tool tracking & Buy-off support.

      - TSI can support for the business trip for the Design review and Home line support, it makes to

        reduce time and saving cost for the customers and tool shops.



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